Why Choose MOYA?

So, we were on the search for a comprehensive CBD resource that could suggest the best products for specific needs. In the dizzying online flood of (not always accurate) information we decided to take things into our own hands and create MOYA….Your CBD Spot for real talk and real solutions.

MOYA specializes in providing advice, guidance and the highest level of service, before and during the use of the products, and is committed to providing the highest quality products.

The Promise of CBD

CBD has a wide variety of pharmacological effects (over 60) which are based on a large number of different physiological mechanisms of action. CBD research is still in its infancy, but its inherent promise is tremendous.

At MOYA, we guide hundreds of consumers, helping each one find the right product, and exact individual dosage – and the results are phenomenal!

Good Manufacturing Practice

GMP – Meeting the Most Stringent Standards MOYA is proud to provide GMP certified products that meet the most stringent standards and the highest levels currently available in the pharmaceuticals, food, and medical device industries. GMPs are the guidelines for the production and testing phases that affect the quality of the final product and are designed to safeguard the health of consumers.

Expert Scientific Advice

MOYA’s Scientific Advisor – Dr. Jacob Waxman, is an immunology expert, who has worked under the guidance of Professor Raphael Meshulam and Professor Ruth Galili at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and researched the effect of cannabinoids on the immune system. Dr. Jacob Waxman provides us with top-level scientific knowledge, especially in preventing drug interactions between CBD and other prescription drugs.

Professional Consultancy and Guidance

MOYA professionals provide a wealth of accessible, up-to-date information on CBD’s mechanisms of action and how they help treat various conditions. We also offer advice and guidance before and during the use of our products, ensuring every user gets the most out of each product.

Organic Product Line

All MOYA products are 100% organic. MOYA ensures that the crops from which the CBD products are produced, are grown under controlled conditions and are not sprayed with chemicals that could impair the quality of the final product. 3rd party laboratory analyses of our products can be obtained for every specific product batch.

Highly Competitive Pricing

MOYA’s high quality products feature highly attractive prices. Our on-site conversion calculator and price comparison tool makes it easy for customers to compare prices between our different products, and to check how our prices stack up against other companies – so you can get the best deals possible.

Our Success

MOYA is proud to have reached hundreds of customers in its first year of operation. We are delighted to share a variety of customer success stories and invite you to join our rapidly growing community.

Moya Success Stories

“As a Pilates instructor I use CBD oil every day and recommend it to my students to use as well, especially to those who come to my studio with some kind of pain. The CBD that MOYA recommended works magic on my muscles. Thank you Moya, for the care and support.”


“I started looking for CBD oil to help with sleeping problems and I was so relieved when I came across MOYAs website. On their website I found a lot of information that made me choose the right CBD for me and the right way to use it. Sleeping like a baby again!”

Daniel. S

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