Full Spectrum CBD Oil 20%


Recommended for pain relief, depression, infections, sleep, immune system strength, and more

Quantity: 10ml

Full Spectrum CBD Oil (full extract of hemp plant) – 2000mg CBD
Carrier oil – MCT medical coconut oil
10mg CBD in every drop


KIARA’s Full Spectrum CBD oil 30% is extracted from 100% natural organic cannabis plant and contains 167 cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids.
It is a complete and unique arch of natural compounds from the hemp plant that act holistically and completely (the entourage effect), with the THC intoxicant component present in a minimal amount (below 0.2%).
The concentration of the cannabidiol (CBD) molecule is dominant in the full spectrum oil, along with other components such as CBC, CBN, CBG, THCV and many others. This means that every drop has the full spectrum and intensity of the hemp plant medicinal components.The full spectrum CBD oil is extracted with the help of pure ethanol, a method that allows the complete extraction of all the components present in the plant.
The initial distillate contains the entire full spectrum of plant ingredients and is rich and full of color, taste and smell.
After initial extraction, the distillate is mixed with MCT oil at the desired concentration.
MCT oil is a tasteless and odorless oil, made from a high pharmacological level and sourced from coconut oil. MCT oil is the preferred oil in the pharmaceutical industry due to its stability, shelf life and bioavailability.

 Product Benefits

  • Helps you feel calm and relaxed
  • Supports healthy and balanced daily routine
  • Helps to relieve general pain and inflammation
  • Promotes healthy and good sleep
  • Helps to optimize immune function


Entourage effect
There is an hypothesized that the efficiency of full spectrum CBD oil is due to the connections and encounters that exist between a large number of cannabinoids, including the CBD, and the mechanisms of action of the endocannabinoid system in our body.
This interaction, researchers believe, is responsible for the high efficiency of the full spectrum oil. Learn more

How to use
Dispense the desired number of drops under your tongue and wait about 30 seconds before swallowing (you can swallow with water).
Under the tongue there is a rich network of blood vessels that helps the active substances to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream.
We recommend consuming the drops in the morning on an empty stomach, as this is the best absorption of the ingredients.

This product should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and out of the reach of children.

For those who are having their first experience with CBD products, we recommend starting on a low dose (about 2 drops a day) and every 2 days to increase the dose with another drop, until the right dose is found.The weight of a person, his height, his age, the type of problem he is suffering from and other variables will affect the dosage, so every person should try to reach the right dose for him.We always recommend consulting with a physician before taking a new supplement, especially for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, those taking prescription drugs, and those in complex medical condition. Contact us for free  consultation and personalization

How to choose the CBD concentration in the product?
The choice of concentration in the product consists of a calculation of cost versus benefit - the higher the active substance concentration (CBD), the higher the price of the product. In contrast, the higher the concentration of CBD in a product, the more "active substance" there is in each drop taken.
It should be taken into account that sometimes it takes time for the right product to be found at the appropriate concentration and dose.

 Compare prices
Currently there is no uniform marking of CBD prices in the various products, which makes the cost of CBD products difficult to compare.
For that, we’ve created for you a CBD cost calculator, which gives the exact price per milligram CBD. This way it’s easier to compare the real costs and ensures that you get better value for your money.

 What is CBD?
CBD (Cannabidiol) is a major component of the cannabis plant (which accounts for up to 40% of the plant's extract), with unique virtues, which helps a wide range of symptoms and health conditions.
CBD does not cause intoxicating effects (NON-INTOXICATING) and does not make you feel high.
In fact, CBD has a general calming effect, which prevents anxiety and psychosis and at the same time suppresses inflammation throughout the body and soothes pain, nausea and vomiting.
Scientists believe that cannabidiol helps maintain body balance by interacting with the internal endocannabinoid system. This system helps control bodily functions such as appetite, immune responses, moods, pain, sleep patterns and more. Learn more

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